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BeadJet™ Gourd Beads Milling Cutter

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Whether you’re a master carver or a novice, getting the best carving tools is definitely a must so you can produce top-notch results. One of the most difficult carve techniques to do is the circle carves and trying to manually carve circles would just end up ruining your entire project. That is why the BeadJet™ Gourd Beads Milling Cutter is here to be of help to you!



  • DENSE & DURABLE MATERIAL : Each one of our blades is made out of High Speed Steel (HSS) . Their sharp edges can gouge wood powerfully. They will cut like butter into any wooden surface. 
  • FINE PRECISION CUTTING TOOLS : These Milling Cutter are designed for crafting decorative markings on wood - effortlessly. In seconds, the tip bites into the wood and leaves a perfect concave shape. Enjoy being able to carve decorative details with speed and precision.
  • ERGONOMICAL NON-SLIP HANDLES : The Milling Cutter feature HSS grips that are comfortable to hold and do not slip easily. You won't mind using these tools for hours at a time.



    • Material: High Speed Steel
    • Full Length: 130 mm.
    • Available Size/s: 10 mm / 12 mm / 14 mm / 16 mm