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BeadJet One

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Looking to share a charming handcrafted gift with your loved ones? Or perhaps you’d love to be able to design your very own stunning accessories - perfect for bracelets, necklaces or any other DIY crafts!



The BeadJet One® drill bit is flawlessly compatible with absolutely any hand drill, drill press or drill pillar and is essential for anybody who loves woodworking, arts & crafts or DIY.

Now,  thanks to the BeadJet One® you’ll now be able to effortlessly craft exquisite premium Wooden Beads from your very own home!


  • Create stunning jewelry - Personalise your jewelry by adding your very own handcrafted beads.
  • Perfect DIY accessory - Into DIY? The BeadJet One® is the perfect accompaniment for any new DIY project.
  • Become a carving extraordinaire - Save hours of time and effort by efficiently producing spherical wooden shapes in half the time!
  • Add style to your home - Spice up your surroundings with stylish, home decor only achievable with the BeadJet One®.



Tough & Built to Last:  

Durable and immune to rust, the BeadJet One® is made using nothing but the absolute best in modern materials and craftsmanship. These quality C-shaped cemented carbide blades will effortlessly cut through even the toughest wood with unrivalled precision, whether it be Ebony, Deft Knots, Mahogany, Sandalwood, Rosewood etc.


Craft Something Personal:

Whether you’d like to add a personalized touch to a bracelet or necklace or even include some new artistic features to your home decor, the BeadJet One® is a must-have tool-kit for anyone with an itch for creativity! Simply shape your beads perfectly to your liking, whether large or small, and after a basic sanding/polishing they’re ready to go & impress.




  • 1 x Handle
  • 1 x L-type Tool
  • 7 x Blades (14 / 15 / 16 / 18 / 20 / 22 / 25mm)
  • 7 x Drills
  • 1 x Instructions for Use


Don’t settle for cheap, flimsy knockoffs, the BeadJet One® is made using nothing but the highest-quality, sturdy craftsmanship and is built to last.

Why wait? Take action today and express yourself artistically like never before with the cutting-edge BeadJet One® drill bit!