Instruction For Use


Installation The blade must be inserted into the bottom of the tool handle slot. Four fixed screws must be with the blade into a vertical and parallel position on the tight.
Drill speed Control the drill speed between 500-800rpm. Maintain a steadier speed to begin with, and speed up when necessary.
Wood selection When constructing a 20mm ring, ideally choose wood around 21-22mm, with no more than 3mm depth. Unless you are a professional, rings under 20mm can be more effective.
Drilling rings Please a knife drill in place, do not begin grinding slowly as half the ring can be drilled in 6 to 10 seconds.
How to prevent eccentricity Aim to keep the front and back sides of the wood at the same level. The chosen material should not be too thick and when on the opposite side of the semicircle, be sure to put the drilling center securely along the pearl hole, and begin to drill the semicircle.
How to prevent eccentricity Withdraw the drill at regular intervals to clear any chips out.
Choice of bench drill Above 250W, the rotation speed of 500 ~ 800rpm, for better precision. The hand drill plus bracket can be done, but the hand drill plus bracket is typically too light. The process of making rings can induce shaking, and often the hand drill precision is not secure enough. A bench drill will not only allow more control over the drilling process, but be quicker, safer and more efficient.
Safety Please ensure you wear protective glasses during any part of this process.
The skills of drilling Fix the wood, as the head of the drill is small, minor shaking will damage the head. The shape of the drill head, above drill out after as far as possible do not go deep into the bottom, digging can be hit a little bit deeper, but ultimately this does not matter. Make sure the wood is not too thick, e.g - a 12MM drill head with 14MM thick material will make for a better outcome.