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50 Grams Gallium Liquid Metal

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Experience science on a level you can feel in the palm of your hand, and stir up your inner geek with the metal that melts in the palm of your hand - Gallium. This Unique metal transforms from a solid to a liquid while in your hand due to its unusually low melting point.



  • SAFE TO TOUCH - Non-toxic and washable with soap and warm water.



  • GALLIUM METAL INFORMATION: - CAS number: 7440-55-3, Density: 5.904 g/cm3, Atomic Number: 31, Atomic, Weight: 69,723, Melting Point: (85.58°F).



  • WEIGHT - Our gallium weight does not include the weight of the vial, so you can be confident you are getting the full 50g amount.



  • USAGE - Great for experiments and other fun uses as it becomes liquid at 86 degrees F,We use PP plastic bottle packaging to avoid gallium leakage.


  • SILICONE MOLD Non-stick and easy to release from the mold, reusable and easy to wash.Can be recycled, durable, low energy consumption.



  • Material: Gallium
  • Weight: 50g
  • Mold Size: 16.5*11.2*1.3cm /6.5*4.4*0.5in



  • Gallium: 50 Grams Gallium Liquid Metal
  • Gallium with Lego mold: 50 Grams Gallium Liquid Metal & 1 Silicone mold.